Hi, I'm Puja!

Product & UX lady who loves a nice long walk on the beach :)

I am currently a Manager of User Experience at Starbucks. In this role, I am working to build the discipline across retail digital platforms and devices in stores across North America. Previously led UX at Avvo. Co-founded @Findlayand51st. I have UX'd in agencies, startup, non-profit, higher ed, and corporate.

Indian-American born and raised in Detroit, now in Seattle for 15 years working in tech and living my best with my wife @heymeredith

A strong portfolio should tell a story. This is not that portfolio.

Most of my time is spent taking care of my team and being a great partner to my peers and our stakeholders. Recruiting and retaining takes quite a bit of my time. I provide coaching on strategy, storytelling, emotional intelligence, and leadership, making sure folks get opportunities to grow their skills and innovate. I love a respectful, super collaborative relationship (with some healthy friction) with my product and engineering teams. I learn so much from them and I hope I can influence them as well.

What makes a good leader? Openness, transparency, mentorship, guidance, someone that has the team’s back and genuinely wants to see each other succeed and grow.

I would love to hear from you!