Role: Product Manager

As a product manager on Avvo Advisor (previously called Avvo Instant), I was responsible for MVP and go-to- market strategies, as well as continuting to grow the user base, both supply and consumer.


Working with a product, marketing, and engineering teams, some of my accomplishments include:

  • Launching Avvo's first online ecommerce service, where consumers can get affordable legal help from experienced lawyers for a fixed-fee of just $39—anytime, anywhere, and on demand

  • Working closely with the UX, Content and Dev teams on incorporating user testing and usability results into the product

  • Leading the team to adopt a more agile development system

  • Scaling the product to cover over 80% of the US market within six months

  • Helping new PMs acclimate to the Avvo e-commerce environment


My day-to-day responsibilities were to set the team's priorities, organize the engineers' backlog, be the main point of contact for other teams (legal, operations, and other product teams), coordinate new launches, implement policy changes, all while maintaining a consistent level of net promotion.

My specific skillset pushed for strong user research on building a new product and iterating using dual sprint agile in our UX process.

While the public launch was an exciting milestone, it’s amazing to think back on how much work has been done leading up to this. We talked to and heard from hundreds of consumers and lawyers while researching, designing, and building the Advisor service. I led activites to get early input and feedback from real people. We did countless design workshops and exercises. And based on what we’ve learned along the way, the team has returned to the drawing board more than a few times, changing direction even while never losing sight of the overall vision of facilitating more (and better!) connections between attorneys and consumers.

In addition, this has been a huge marketing driver. Pictured are friends of our marketing team running a coffee cart called "Legal Grounds" where visitors can meet an Advisor.