Lightning Talks: The most common rock drum beat

After a late evening conversation with a few co-workers, we starting chatting about "wouldn't it be fun if...". Out of this was born something that I began to organize and facilitate at Avvo called, "Lightning Talks".

The basics of a lightning talk: Each presenter gets 5 minutes to teach us a new skill or share some facts related to a topic they love. Not only does this format allow us to quickly learn a variety of new skills, we also get to know a little more about the people we work with! Shout out to our first three presenters:

  • Christina demonstrated how to fold a fitted sheet (the right way!) and looked like a wizard. As our audience participants learned, it takes some practice—but it can be done!

  • Jake explained the basics of sailboat racing. Did you know there’s a jury involved? Turns out, the world of sailing is not above the law.

  • Like a true Seattleite, I explained how to roast your own coffee using a popcorn maker. Innovative and cost-effective.

Here's a quick video of Matthew Cooke and Matt Longman showing the rest of us how to play a common rock drum beat.

This has now become an Avvo monthly tradition to bring together teams from marketing, engineering, and product to have a bit of fun and learn from each other.

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