Coffee card valentines

While we are kind and generally really good to each other at work, sometimes we get too busy and when we see the same people day in and day out, its hard to step back and recognize each other for accomplishments and just good vibes. I saw this as an opportunity to help propose and "informally formalize" a recognition program that we begin to implement on our team, and if it takes off, how we can spread it further through the company.

Benefits of incorporating informal recognition:

  • Encouraging team work

  • Driving performance

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Engaging employees

  • Enforcing a positive working culture

  • Improving quality

  • Increasing staff morale

For the sake of this article, a couple of ways we are going to implement this at work:

1./ Slack Recognition Channel

By creating a Slack channel, we will provide a public forum for individuals to casually recognize each other for “small wins”.

2./ Coffee cards

By allowing individuals to recognize each other on a personal level with a small gift, we will develop coffee card recognition program. The design of this program is to allow the nominee to share the recognition with their manager as well.

As a result of this proposal, Chris Ziobro, Head of Design, voluntarily created these little cards with the intent that they should be cool enough to feel proud and display on our desk. How cool is that?!

So far, the Slack channel is being used for lots of "high-fives" on meeting presentations, thoughtful analysis, and just going the extra mile. This "pda" has been nice for everyone to see, and it just feels good! The coffee cards will launch this week, and we expect them to fly off the shelves.

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