Responsive web design for account settings

This week, as part of a larger strategy for how we are working towards improving our experience for consumers on Avvo, I have been addressing some experience debt, along with the old code that supports it. Some of our older pages were still left in the dark ages of static web design, notably the pages where consumers change their account notifications and preferences.

By doing this work, we are laying a foundation for doing a better job at solving more user's problems on both desktop and mobile.

Side note: I've been raving about the grey highlighter made by Mildliner, and recently my awesome coworker surprised me with an entire set (!!!) of new markers from the same brand. I thought it was only fitting to use them to create some draft wires to help brainstorm on this exercise.

Here's a video of the previous experience. Take note that when a user clicks on the hamburger menu and navigates to the account settings site, the site goes desktop only, and it is tough to get out of that view. This sucks.

After observation of both user interaction and analytics behavior, I worked to identify a solution with the ability to sneak in some passive data to create a more personalized and expected interaction. Here are some screenshots. Looking forward to seeing these go live in the next few days to a portion of our traffic, and I'll be keeping an eye on how it performs.

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