Speaking at World Usability Day 2016

This past week I gave a presentation at the Puget Sound World Usability Day on how empathy in user research led my team down a path to help create Avvo Advisor and expand into Avvo Legal Services. Our team's data collection methods were user-centric, and how we learned and applied those methods was what my talk entailed.

It was an incredible opportunity to be able to share my experience with this crowd, filled with Director/VPs, professors of user experience, and other experts in the field.

This was super exciting for me, I have made it a personal goal to put myself out there more often, and bring back what I learn to my team.

What I wasn't expecting was how incredibly hard it is to put together a good presentation. This was something that I spent roughly 4 hours each day for a week, with 2 dry runs and reviewing lots of feedback. But the work was worth it.

The audience was so receptive, and really engaged with me and afterward I felt the reward of my hard work with lots of tweets/retweets, LinkedIn connections, and the new personal connections I made. The best of all, I was asked by two other organizations to come speak with them in the near future.

This was definitely an intense, both difficult and emotional, experience that I would recommend for anyone who wants to challenge themselves in storytelling and sharing real-life applications with a broad and diverse audience. Can't wait to do it again!

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