UX Jeopardy! to teach User Centered Design

UX Jeopardy! can be found here: http://www.pujaparakh.com/ux/jeopardy.html

My co-worker Aubri and I were asked to lead a workshop on user-centered design to a mix of engineers, product managers, and user experience professionals. The group attending was surveyed beforehand, so we knew that they had at least a moderate understanding of the ucd process.

To make things fun, I had suggested that we play a game. Aubri immediately loved the idea and quickly put together a strawman of how we could play Family Feud. We thought the format could be fun for the group. But things changed when we learned that our audience grew from the expected 12 to over 40 people. With the larger audience, I suggested we try Jeopardy! instead. We agreed, and Aubri and I split the first pass at the questions and answers, while I tried find the best way to create the actual game.

I came across several Powerpoint templates that were geared towards school teachers, but found them more frustrating than helpful. That is when I started looking into open-source, and found Jeopardy Labs. By using a single-page html/css file, I was able to heavily modify the code to create UX Jeopardy!

Now that we had our questions/answers, and the game board itself, the last thing that was left was to figure out how to organize our groups. With so many people, we decided to have 4 teams play, and purchased these ridiculous animal buzzers that were passed down the lane to each teammate. For each answer, we had a "teachable moment" where we expanded on the answer with some background and information.

When attendees began to arrive expecting a formal workshop, and saw instead that we were playing Jeopardy, the energy immediately changed. People were excited and once we started playing there was a ton of fun and laughter. In the end, everyone unanimously agreed that they learned something new about user-centered design and had a really great time doing so!

Want to play? How many questions can you get right? Try it for yourself!

UX Jeopardy! can be found here: http://www.pujaparakh.com/ux/jeopardy.html

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